Eco-responsible leather

For Casteigt Leather, the eco-responsible vision involves upgrading the product. A project that began inside the brand’s workshop in 1989, with a sustainable approach.

Ensuring traceability

The salmon skins we use come exclusively from the fish we smoke. We are able to trace our skins from the birth of the fish to the processing and until the delivery of the leather to our customers.

Respect the health of the workers

The tanning process for our leather is patented. For each step, we take care not to use any product that could harm the health of those involved in the manufacturing process.

revaluation salmon leather

«Nothing is lost,
nothing is created,
and everything is transformed.»


Minimize the impact on the environment

We take care, at each stage, to minimize the impact that we can have on the environment, whether at the manufacturing level or in terms of storage or transport.

tannage végétal saumon

Guarantee quality and durability

At each stage of their transformation, our salmon skins are co-controlled. 
They undergo tests to accredit their resistance and their longevity.

Une marque consciente ne cesse jamais de penser à l’avenir

Une marque consciente ne cesse jamais de penser à l’avenir

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