free metal leather

From salmon to leather

How the Master Craftsman Jean-Marc Casteigt went from smoked salmon to the transformation of salmon skin into fine fish leather.

Salmon leather

Casteigt Leather perfectly illustrates the circular economy by finding a new use for a product previously considered as waste.

Eco-responsible leather

Our salmon leather goes through the upgrading of smoked salmon skins. A project based on a sustainable approach.

Casteigt leather is made from the skins of smoked salmon.. The metal-free tanning process developed by our engineers after two years of research allows us to produce leather of exceptional quality.

The circular economy is at the heart of our approach and we are also responsible for the traceability of the salmon skins we use.
Our leather, like exotic leathers, makes it possible to imagine and create exceptional pieces in leather goods: bags, belts, wallets. It also fits perfectly in the clothing industry, the creation of jewelry or even saddlery. Many prototypes have already emerged: caps, shoes, belts, golf club grips and other leather goods.
Our leather receives the greatest attention from the luxury sector and the craft industry. The quality of the material meets the requirements of aesthetics and durability. But also and above all, our 100% eco-responsible leather meets all the ethical expectations on the origin of the raw material and on the environmental impact of production methods.

And as nothing replaces contact with the material, do not hesitate to contact us to see and touch this leather and realize, for yourself, its beautiful workmanship.

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