Casteigt leather

Casteigt Leather adapts to your requests for color and finish: matt, varnish, and color.
Our engineers are at your disposal for your special requests

What are the advantages of Casteigt salmon leather?

It is thin, flexible and resistant. It looks a lot like exotic leather, snake, and lizard. It is also very close in characteristics.
The salmon leather is characterized by a narrow line in the middle of the skin; this lateral line is a mechano-sensory organ which gives all the information to the brain of the salmon.

  • Salmon leather absorbs colour well. Even with a subtle coloring, the colors appear clearly. The color palette is very wide; the coloring is always metal free.
  • Resistance, maintenance,
  • Durable, odorless, thin, flexible and resistant leather.
  • Natural texture

A prized skin dimension

Jean-Marc Casteigt, with his activity as a craftsman, works exclusively with large fish, between 8 and 10 kg. 
These rare salmon are neglected by industrialists and fishmongers because they are more difficult to handle. 
Thanks to this specificity, Casteigt leather offers skins of a sufficient size to allow craftsmen and creators to imagine products and accessories with a minimum of welds for an optimal aesthetic rendering.

  • Length and width: The skin of the salmon is 25,6 to 27,5 inches long and 3,94 to 5,9 inches wide
  • Thickness: 0.6 mm average
  • Strength: 90 Newtons
  • Origine:All the smoked salmon skins come from Maison Casteigt.

Leather finishes

Casteigt Leather adapts to your requests for color and finish depending on the use: Leather goods, footwear, clothing, ornament etc…
Our engineers are at your disposal for your special requests.
We can do anything as long as it can be done naturally.

Mirror finish

  • Leather with binding,
  • Slightly shiny on one side,
  • For leather goods and footwear.

Ocean finish

  • One or two-sided vegetable oil, mat
  • For cases, footwear, chapellierie.

Crystal finish

  • Shiny aspect vintage (vintage) n for leather goods and bracelet,
  • Oil + film,
  • The cells stand out

Reflex finish

  • One side varnish, for leather goods
  • More resistant to light
  • Possibility of a mast varnish.

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