From salmon to leather

Sensitive to ecology as well as to the recycling of waste we have created the Casteigt Leather.

The revalorization of the salmon skin

Jean-Marc Casteigt is Maitre Artisan Saurisseur. (The first nominated in France)
His parents, artisan pork-butcher and caterer, gave him a taste for good products and a job well done.

Since 1986 in his laboratory located in the heart of Pau, he smokes farmed Atlantic salmon, Salmo Salar, also known as the king of fish, He obtains his salmons from salmon farms in Scotland and Norway, rigorously selected for their fish and breeding conditions.

revalorisation du poisson en cuir de saumon

Tanning of eco-friendly salmon leather

Our tanning method is unique: it has 2 patents

His profession he exercises with passion
His objective: to restore the letters of nobility to salmon, often abused by industrialists.

In 1991 he filed a patent for smoking and perfuming salmon.
A “must find everything needed” in the soul, he never stops innovating to improve the quality of his smoked salmon. He makes no concessions on texture and nutritional and taste qualities. His requirement also applies to his manufacturing processes. This is what pushed him to question himself on the use of salmon skin.

In 2017, he launched a new challenge: transforming salmon skin into beautiful leather. 2 years later the Casteigt Leather was born.

Casteigt Leather: a family business

Maison Casteigt is not just the story of a man. It is also a story of a family and transmission. Today a quartet works within the small company full of ambition and projects.
Jean-Marc Casteigt is surrounded by his daughter Marie-Sophie, his son Pierre and his son-in-law Nicolas. Everyone brings their vision and their drive to innovate.

All share the same desire: to perpetuate this great adventure, by retaining strong values ​​and without ever departing from the respect for people and the environment.

famille Casteigt

Our salmon leathers